Threshold with Mario Gallucci
Hap Gallery / Portland, OR

Threshold exists in a space between the remembered past and the imagined future. Using the metaphor of architectural transition— going from inside or outside— Threshold suspends the transitions that happen within a given space, both physically and mentally.

The two artists explore how one’s past or future are tied to emotional cues within the constructed environment. Gallucci’s photographed boarded-up windows of a condemned building and sculpted dying houseplants honor obsolescence while evoking a sense of loss. Gottesman’s sculptures, crafted out of architectural and graphic design symbols for a yet to be built space, possess features borrowed from old, traditional tools yet harness a sense of newness and anticipation at the same time.

United by a shared interest in material and surface both artists morph familiar sentiments through unexpected methods of production challenging the meanings of everyday symbols and objects and thereby making the Threshold, once again, transitory.